Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Breaking the silence

So, I've had many meaningful, thoughtful things to say over the last few months and yet I've balked at blogging about them.  But it took the inspiration of a cool gift from my husband to get me blogging again.  I guess it is true, I'm a material girl!  I fell in love with this cutting board a couple of months ago and perhaps I mentioned how cool I thought it was a few times.  Though this is certainly Greg's busiest work week of the year, he managed to deliver this awesome present to his completely surprised wife! 

The cups in the board are removable, so as you chop you can separate out your broth ingredients, your compost and then clean up becomes organized and sustainable.  I love it!  I'm already putting it to good use chopping up chard, radishes and herbs from the garden.  Thanks Greg!

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