Thursday, January 5, 2017

Writers Block

November came and went.  A period of unrest for our country surrounding the election, put into my mind a phrase from my childhood, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  I felt resistant to putting down my thoughts into words during that time.  Then December came and with it, classroom colds, seasonal activities, and commitments that kept me busy right up through the holidays.  So this week, I am finally well, less exhausted, and ready to open myself up to the page and see what comes.  Instead of giving myself a particular goal, like writing a blog once a week or once a month and having my writing feel like just another to do on my list, I would rather have in mind to write when I feel inspired.  This may happen several times this winter and spring, or I may not write again until summer vacation.  It is my hope that allowing myself this freedom will create space for creativity and an opportunity to love writing once more. 

It is interesting to me that last time I blogged in October, I felt that making time to write needed to a priority in the new year, a scheduled activity, and trying to implement that in the last couple of months seemed impossible or it snuffed out any creative ember from the get go.  One goal I do have for this year is to spend less time in front of a computer.  To spend my mornings in quiet meditation and movement and my evenings in reflection and relaxation, is something I would like to do more of this year.  While that may limit blogging, I am hoping it may inspire me to start journaling once again, on paper!  I have paper journals from age 8 on up, granted I got less regular about those journals in college and beyond and in recent years have struggled to do so at all with the exception of an occasional entry in a mutual journal kept with my grandma, my husband or my mom.  I don’t know what the new year will bring for me as a writer but perhaps by relinquishing my expectations something new or renewed will come. 

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