Monday, October 3, 2016

On writing

I have been very recalcitrant in my blog writing over the past month or two.  To be honest, I sort of blew my writing wad on documenting our European travels and craved a break when we returned.  But also, as school got started, I felt swamped by all the classroom demands and justified putting my writing on the backburner.  As my birthday approaches once again, some invisible voice chimes in about being true to one’s self and making time for what is important.  It may well be grandma’s voice, or just my Jiminy Cricket conscience sitting heavily on my shoulder whistling into my ear, “Write more this year!”  So, though I haven’t much time or energy tonight, I am getting these few words down, to remind myself that this is a priority.  I carve out time to run in the early hours before the sun is up, while most of my city still sleeps.  Teaching yoga and taking classes, these commitments are scheduled into my week.  So why not map out the time to put words down, a time for reflection and expression?  Rhetorical questions, I know.  But questions for me, that are worth asking.  If you were to carve out time for something more that nurtures your soul and your self during your work-week, what would it be?  Just wondering…for me the written word equals a release, an opportunity to share, to be heard.  What is your release, your therapy?  Our lives are full and busy, we all must find ways to slow down, look back on the events of the week and determine a path on which to move forward.

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