Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wild ride

Another hard-to-run morning because I am still so sore from Tuesday's hike.  Glad I got out there though, the movement loosened my muscles and the run seemed easier this time though just as beautiful.

I had another reason to be up bright and early; Greg and I have a tenth anniversary to celebrate today.  We began the day with adventure, riding the gondola up to Kronberg. We saw the worlds longest wooden bench, perfect for a tenth anniversary, our friendly waitress told us, “Your tenth anniversary is wooden, 25 is silver, but 10 is wood.”  Greg joked that meant our marriage was solid. His sense of humor appeals to my silly side, one of his many great qualities that make me glad I married this man.

Life with Greg has been a wild ride.  Life has its ups and downs, but Greg makes sure that through it all we have fun.  That is just what we did to celebrate.  We enjoyed a fun and wild ride on the Bobsled track at Jakobsbad.

Our hotel made sure we had a memorable evening. When we came down to dinner we were ushered to a candlelit table with hearts and flowers decorating it. After another amazing meal, we took an evening walk to the distant sound of cowbells and reflected on ten happy years.

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