Friday, July 8, 2016

Swiss Miss

Feeling all of these late nights, Greg and I slept in this morning, even though it was a travel day, there was no rush. No host to coordinate with as we'd be checking into a hotel in Switzerland. After we enjoyed some coffee and cheese cake for breakfast (don't judge, all the supermarkets were closed on Sunday early, the closest thing we could find to breakfast food was a slice of cheese cake from a café that was open late on our walk around town).  I served it with sliced bananas to up the nutrition and make it seem more breakfasty.)

We wandered back through Freiburg before departing.  On Monday morning, the old town was hopping.  A lush  farmers market had sprung up near the gargoyle church, full of veggies, flowers and street food.  We grabbed a quick bite then we were off to Titisee, a beautiful lake town famous for Black Forest cake.

When we arrived in the canton of Appenzell in Switzerland we were speechless due to the physical beauty of this land; green rolling hills, craggy mountains, blue skies and white puffy clouds!  Our hotelier was very friendly. Michael greeted us in his chefs jacket, as he was busy preparing for dinner as well.  Nonetheless he wanted to take us to our room.  He walked us up three flights to our room and proudly showed us that we had the best view from our balcony. We stood there dumbfounded by the scene.

After unpacking Michael met us in the stubli and set us up with the Appenzeller card (more on that later) and made us a reservation for dinner on the patio.  We had some time before dinner so we walked the paths of the valley and saw deer, cows, sheep, and Appenzeller hounds.
Dinner was fabulous; a slipper lobster in garlic butter with a salad of assorted tender greens as a shared starter,  a whole trout perfectly cooked for me, a fish trio with vegetable confetti rices for Greg , and a shared dessert of homemade mocha and chocolate ice cream garnished with fresh fruit and a splash of crème liquor. Our waitress Melanie was so gregarious and helpful, when hearing we had not yet tried the local version of schnapps, she said, ”oh you have to try Appenzeller liquor, it is your medicine... 42 different herbs, you'll like it!”  She was right!

We encountered Michael taking his dog out for a walk asking us if we liked dinner.  We raved, I said I had enjoyed the whole trout and he joked, “You had the trout?  I know, I made that fish!”  After dinner we needed another walk, it was 9:30 but not dark yet. We saw the church( the source of frequently ringing bells), a flower festooned graveyard, and we smelled in the hay and grasses the 42 herbs of Appenzell mingle in the gentle evening breeze feeling strangely at home in this heavenly place.

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