Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back to the Rhein

It was hard leaving Holland.  We said goodbye to Jannie when she dropped by with breakfast.  She was going to go, “bikey-bikey,” to an art opening in Rotterdam and then two more birthday parties, so we would not be seeing her before departing.  She was not eager for us to go either,  “maybe you leave today or maybe tomorrow…”  It was a temptation for sure because they didn't have a new guest coming until later on Sunday but we already had our place near Koblenz booked so we waited for a lull in the rain, packed the car, said goodbye to Bram and Tina, then we were on the road again.

The parting clouds revealed blue sky from time to time but somewhere near the German border there was another downpour. However by the time we arrived in Waldesh in the early afternoon, the rain had stopped.  Patrick was not at home but had left us the key to our tiny but cute upstairs/ downstairs apartment (kitchenette downstairs,bedroom and bathroom up) way out in a suburban area nestled right into the forest.  The neighborhood is full of immaculately kept flower and vegetable gardens and bird song is the only noise you can hear.  It will be a pleasant little escape from the bustling city of Koblenz (about a 15 minute drive). After depositing our bags, we went into the city, grabbed an ice cream for sustenance ( lunch was a bunch of travel friendly leftovers we had accumulated from Jannie’s generous breakfast).  We saw a few streets of old town and a couple of interesting churches but the main event in town seemed to be the shopping street and 20 somethings with wagons of alcohol and weird outfits doing dares (couldn't figure out what that custom was about.)

We ended up leaving the city for a country road.  Patrick’s binder of recommendations in the room included dinner at the old  mill.  We drove into the vineyards and found this historical building subdivided into cozy cave like dining nooks and larger grand halls with chandeliers and dusty mill equipment.  The food was hearty and delicious.  After  dinner we got a text from Patrick to be sure we visit the Deutsches Eck, the meeting of the  Mosel and Rhine rivers, he told us the lift was open til 11. After negotiating parking in the busy old town, everyone was watching soccer at every pub, we had the river walk to ourselves.  It was very chilly by the water but the gondola up to the castle and across the river was enclosed, so we had a view of the city lights and river cruise boats just for the two of us.  We arrived home near midnight and sleep followed quickly.

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