Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rotterdam by the numbers

Up early today to run and I had a partner in crime this morning.  Greg joined me by the river and through the forest on a bike.  We passed pastures, with llamas and Shetland ponies.  Cows, sheep, and geese are our neighbors.  Our morning jaunt was only 2.6 miles because our B and B breakfast would be at our door at 8:00 and we didn't want to be late.  In fact when we returned the kitchen door was open to the side yard and our host, Jannie (pronounced “Yannie”), was putting the finishing touches on our breakfast.  We got to meet her loving eight month old pup, whose silky ears and gentle kisses won our hearts instantly.  Her shiny black coat and expressive brown eyebrows are what inspired her name.  “She is Tina, for Tina Turner, because she is black and beautiful,” Jannie explained.

By the time I had showered up after my run, our breakfast had been delivered to our door.  Greg stood beaming by the small table in our cottage waiting for my reaction.  Soft boiled eggs, local meats and cheeses, cherry tomatoes, yogurt, muesli, dried fruit, and fresh blueberries, apples, bananas, melon, and kiwi fruit. I was in heaven, oh and I forgot to mention, the coffee, milk and fresh squeezed orange juice!  We had to take our time to enjoy this epic breakfast, and time to digest as well.  We ended up saving some of the fruit, meats and cheese for an afternoon snack.

Turns out we needed that fuel, we biked to Rotterdam, a modern somewhat gritty port city.
4.8 miles on bikes to get there.  We stopped at Markt Halle, a giant farmers market with gourmet shops and food court, for a light lunch and to share an ice cream.  Then we walked  2.6 miles around the city. There was plenty to see like a random swing dance party in front of the church, shops, modern architecture and more. We took the long way home along the river, 6.5 more miles on the bikes.  It was an exhausting but adventure filled day!

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