Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On to Holland

After getting home late last night, a boisterous party across the street disturbed our sleep, followed by yet another thunderstorm.  Nonetheless, we packed up quickly in the morning said good bye to Astrid who had thoughtfully gifted us a bottle of Riesling for our anniversary, and we were on the road. We set aside our gluten free restrictions this morning because the only places open early on Saturday mornings in Geisenheim were bakeries.  We tossed back a coffee and grabbed some sweet pastry for the road.   It rained all the way to the Netherlands and beyond.

When we arrived in Bergschenhoek, our friendly hosts awaited us.  They got us settled in our tiny but comfy cabin in their garden, then they were off to the north to attend some family birthday parties. After we caught our breath from the long trip, we headed off to find a late lunch/early dinner and we were lucky to find a quaint and quiet spot near the forest and river that remained open during the lull between meals.  We took a bike ride before dark, our hosts loaned us their bikes and we got to explore the foresty path along the river Rotte.  Holland is just as friendly, green, and beautiful as I remember!

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