Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Car tour

I opted for some gentle yoga this morning rather than a jog, my body was still sore from all the biking and walking yesterday.  Did I mention that our host remembered from our emails that I am a yoga teacher and she loaned me her mat for the week?!  You can bet I'll be taking advantage of that!  Greg had big plans this morning, despite the grey skies.  He had four different local towns to check out by car on his list.  We started in Delft and it was pouring.  So, we took a tour from the warm and dry sanctity of our car.  The city was quaint and charming but difficult to navigate in an auto; we will try to bike back later in the week if the weather improves.
When we got to Den Haag it was cold but the rain was slowing.  By the time we parked the car, the rain had stopped we got a chance to see the contrast of old buildings like parliament and museums vs. the skyscrapers popping up in the business district.  On to Scheveningen on the coast. We found a late lunch at De Dagvisser (the day fisher).  This was one of the best meals we've had on this trip.  We ordered the salt crusted whole fish, which was deboned and served table side.  The lemon risotto, asparagus and carrots in a white wine sauce were the perfect compliment to the moist, tender, fish.  We took a walk after lunch and found a guitar store where Greg was able to strum around and get his fix.   One more stop, Wassenaar,  a tree lined suburbia with sprawling mansion like homes with Dutch flair.  At the end of the road was the beach, a chance to touch the water of the North Sea and the sun was out for a change. Again, a very full day! We opted to have breakfast leftovers for dinner and were eager to rest.

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