Sunday, June 19, 2016

Agony of da feet

I woke easily and excitedly around six with the sunrise to take my first run of the trip.  I had in mind that I would run to the English garden but wasn't sure exactly how to get there. Greg had the idea to put me on navigation but after the first two directions were whispered in my ear through my earphones,  the lady stopped talking to me. After  nearly a mile I realized I was only getting deeper into the city, so I turned around and headed back to our neighborhood. Realizing my phone was not set to roam, I gave up on my navigation and started to rely on my gut.  There were few people out so early on a Saturday but I spotted a guy walking his dog, headed toward the river.  On a whim, I followed.  A small green space was revealed and miles of pathway beside the roaring waterway seemed a good place to start.

A few joggers materialized  and I realized I must be on the right track.  I followed a fellow jogger for a while to know which paths of. Many to take, sign began to show up telling the direction and distance to the garden.  The path wound through trees and beautiful green space, I had a hard time remembering that I was in Munich. It wove through tunnels and under bridges, beside the river and bordering lovely neighborhoods. I could have kept going but I wanted to make it to the garden.  I finally found an overpass that crossed the river and found the outskirts of the park, which was enough for me at that point, because I knew I still needed to run all the way back.  By the time  I got  home, I'd run nearly 8 miles.  I was beyond hungry for the yogurt, apricot and muesli that would be our breakfast.

After breakfast Greg helped me find a short cut to the heart of the English garden,  we explored  the university's neighborhood, and walked back to Viktualienmarkt to get some Bavarian food with a modern twist at Zwickl. Greg enjoyed the meatballs and potato salad and I delighted in the dumplings with mushroom cream sauce.  Bellies full, we trudged back up the stairs to rest and digest.  After a short nap, we emerged so I could show Greg the river walk, we didn't go the whole distance that I did in the morning, but we took some different paths and encountered some bikers blaring dance music and throwing confetti, people tightrope walking between trees and this beautiful monument to the  peace angel.

One more slog up the stairs, just as it started to rain.  There is a church behind the apartment and we can hear the angelic voices as the ladies choir rehearses.  There is also a virtuoso of a pianist who practices in our building in the afternoon.  Our plan for the night included resting our tired feet and not much else, but perhaps listening to the glorious sounds this neighborhood provides. We did manage to slip downstairs to the hip American dinner themed restaurant for a cocktail, club sandwich and baked potato.  Comfort food to end our active day.


  1. A run by the river AND rain - you are so lucky! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  2. What a place to take an exploratory run! Beautiful description and pictures.