Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A day of rest

Sunday truly was a day of rest for us.  We slept in, the sound of the rain encouraging us to stay in our  comfy bed. We made a leisurely breakfast and updated the blog.  When we finally emerged, to our surprise we noticed that many of our Bavarian neighbors also take rest on Sunday.  More than half of the shops close up, including the farmers market.  The one thing that was still going on was the festival in Marienplatz.  The rain had certainly not dampened the spirits of the party goers.

We found a fancy food court that remained open and enjoyed some Italian food, giving German fare the day off as well.  We took the afternoon to plan the next few days of our trip then headed out for dinner and a movie. After sharing fish and chips in a gastropub called Little London, we were ready to embrace an old English tale.  Alice through the Looking Glass, was our first full length 3D movie, and dubbed in German no less! I was even inspired to take this photo with one of Michael’s artistic features in our apartment, various pieces of broken mirror over a mantelpiece.  Now, off to sleep, tomorrow will be an early morning.

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