Monday, March 21, 2016


This weekend that welcomed spring started off with a sprightly seven-mile run (despite the allergies!) and many reflections on the past week.

Tunnel of Trees (Who wouldn't want to run this trail?)

Local hills are so many shades of green!

All the buds are blooming forth!

One of those thoughts about the week in review had to do with another spring related theme, Springsteen that is.  I’ve been enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame as one of my students had Bruce Springsteen draft a tardy note to me, after he had been out late at a concert.  The story has been featured in our local paper, on the radio, apparently Channel 5 news picked up the story this weekend, and I just saw the story trending on a friend’s Facebook page.   This was a fun distraction during an otherwise busy week of report card writing and conferencing.


In other news, I still enjoying teaching my Monday and Friday vinyasa flow class but I am also looking forward to the month of April in terms of yoga.  I will be teaching a 4 week series for kids on Saturdays.  If you have any 3-9 year-olds near Claremont, send them my way!


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  1. Such a beautiful running route!

    Would you please send me a little more information about where to send the 3-9 year olds?