Monday, February 1, 2016

A series of unfortunate events

Yes, this is the title of an excellent children’s book.  This could also describe my long run this weekend.  I’ve been having some running trouble lately.  To say, I’ve just not been feeling it is somewhat accurate.  I passed up my run the weekend before last to support a more active yoga weekend and enjoyed awesome handstands in exchange.  I ran afterschool last week to make up some mileage.  I ran short distances, very fast and felt it in my lungs.  I was feeling just a bit off last week anyway, maybe allergies or fighting something off but I finished the week strong with a kick ass yoga class that left my students slick with sweat and left me sore the next day.  The next day being the scheduled long run, and yet again I experience breathing issues.  My lungs just wouldn’t expand to the capacity I’m used too on a run.  They felt like they were in a vice, very limited.  I also felt very sore in my deltoids, pectorals and biceps due to the epic yoga class from Friday, so each time I pumped my arms, I felt it majorly!  I had promised my husband I would listen to my body, so I opted for a shorter distance than I had initially planned. 

On the downhill, my lungs relaxed just a bit and I picked up speed.  Approaching a major cross street I saw a car swerve in the early morning fog.  Canine legs dodged and raced along side the car.  Seeing only the forelegs, I wondered if the dog was startled or lost.  Maybe this renegade needed my help? Just before the dog came into view and the car sped down the street, a primal part of my spirit flinched, warning that perhaps this doggie was not friendly.  I slowed to a jog and observed the animal from a distance. As he came into focus, I could see why my hackles went up.  He was not a domestic breed but rather a perturbed coyote, who looked back in by direction, showed me his teeth and left me quite well assured he did not require my assistance as he quickly escaped into the sage scrub. 

Sore lungs, snubbed by a coyote…not the best run ever, so I stopped for a drink at my favorite water fountain.  This baby is old school stone construction and boasts a view of the barnyard, what’s not to love?  As I gulped down the cool water, something hard hit my lip.  “That’s not water,” I thought.  I stopped drinking and looked into the basin of the water fountain to discover what had bumped me in the mouth.  A giant earwig slithered around on the stone surface and I realize, “Yuck, I’d been kissed by a bug!”  If I wasn’t feeling nauseous before, that sealed the deal.  No matter how much I tried to get it out my mind, I couldn’t lose the thought of how close I had come to having that gnarly insect in my mouth. 

This is my beloved drinking fountain (the bug has retreated at this point).

Believe it or not, I am grateful for that bad run.  I’ve been running long enough to know we need those sucky runs as runners.  Bad runs keep us humble.  Bad runs make us appreciate the good runs even more.  Bad runs, in fact, are a metaphor for life.  You’ve gotta get through the bad days to get to the good ones.  There is no light without dark.  We’ve got to embrace the bad experience with the good because they are one in the same.  Our perspective, our experience, our life must include both sides.  Otherwise we are one-dimensional, suffering in concert with joy is what creates depth.  As humans we must experience these extremes.  So bring on the bad runs (at least I didn’t fall this time!), I know this means that there are some pretty sweet ones in my future!

Speaking of sweet, my hubby rocked out at an awesome show on Saturday Night.  90 Proof packed the house at the Continental in Glendora.  Multiple talented guests graced the stage and a good time was had by many.  

Meatless Monday is a trend I fully support.  We generally do meatless weekdays. I have found one way to make Meatless Monday fun is to also make it a Margarita Monday and put a taco or two on the menu.  Tonight’s taco consisted of finely chopped cauliflower sautéed with shallots, coriander, cumin and tamari.  Toppings included micro-greens, radishes, sauerkraut, ricotta salata, avocado, sour cream, and tapatio.  Plenty of reasons to indulge in a mostly plant based diet!  

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