Monday, January 25, 2016

Wedding and weekday meals

We were lucky enough to attend the beautiful wedding of our friend and Greg's bassist, Rico, and his beautiful lady, Jill.  San Diego weather was warm and sunny in January and we enjoyed the loving and thoughtful wedding these two created.  Best wishes to Jill and Rico as they head off to honeymoon in Hawaii.  We are not jealous (well, maybe just a little...).

Obligatory wedding selfie...

Other than our weekend away in San Diego, routines have ruled in January; teaching yoga every Monday and Friday, running several times a week, and trying to keep weeknight meals interesting have been the theme for the new year.  Here are some new dishes that we've tried over the last few weeks. 

Sopes (corn cakes) with avocado, radish, tomato and queso fresco

Sweet potato stuffed with sauteed mushrooms, burrata cheese, and broccoli

Grilled veggie lasagna (no noodles, zucchini acts as the pasta)

This past weekend I had a wonderful time at Claremont Yoga's Inversion Intensive.  Paisley (one of my favorite teachers, such an inspiration) hosted a handstand/ forearm balance practice Sunday morning and a headstand/shoulder stand practice in the afternoon.  Delighted to be as sore as I used to be during teacher training (who would think tired muscles would equal nostalgia?), I learned so much and already used the blanket stacking technique for shoulder stand with my vinyasa I class. 

Last but not least,  I practiced listening to my body this weekend (which was very tired on Saturday morning, so I slept in forgoing my usual long run in order to stockpile energy for Sunday's workshops).  Yet when I got home from yoga on Sunday, I was still vibrating with energy and excitement from my new lessons, so I took a shorter sunset jog.  I was rewarded with this sunset which was lovely.

Sunset on Sunday Evening Run

Speaking of sunsets, my 4pm yoga class on Monday and Friday has been graced with some outstanding sunsets as of late, from our lofty perch in the Verbal Building.  Here is just one of many sunsets we have been graced with over the last several weeks at Claremont Yoga.

Sunset from the yoga beautiful!

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