Monday, January 4, 2016

Oh deer and randomness

Saw a tall and stately doe on my run Saturday morning.  She was having breakfast on the other side of the wash, right at the fence.  This lovely lady seemed unaffected by the passers-by who had paused to watch her munch her morning meal.  I slowed my footfalls out of respect, not wanting my plodding to startle her, yet again, she paid no mind to the humans.  Her ears were strategically angled at the hills behind her, where the mountain lion might be creeping.  She knew none of us had the ability to bypass the moat like barrier that the Thompson Creek concrete waterway carved between us.  I did desire to snap a photo of her, as she was so statuesque, but seeing that my fellow nature lovers were keeping their phones pocketed and enjoying the moment for what it was, I was not about to disturb that vibe.  It seems so rare for us as a people to just be in the moment and not need to record it.  This reminds me of being in elementary school and seeing a famous painting in a museum and feeling the need to linger and stare and wishing I could take it with me.  My wise teacher placed a hand upon my shoulder and guided me on, instructing, “Hang it in the museum of your mind.”  We need to do that more often. 

So I did not exploit the morning munching dear with photography, but that is no reason for you to be deprived of visual distraction in this post.  Here are a few random shots from the last week for your entertainment.

We tried a new Christmas Tradition with my mom this year.  Winter Scene puzzle, lots of pieces.  Greg had a strategy, build the border.  Joyce was keen to help out.  I was busy cooking!

Here I am enjoying my tree pose on my brother’s rooftop garden in downtown LA.

Greg and I posing for a random selfie on New Years Eve, still experiencing Star Wars bliss after taking ourselves out for a special Back Abbey meal prior to the movie.  We imagined going to the latest show would help us stay awake until midnight.  The last show was at 7…so we got home by 9:30.  We spent the majority of the evening struggling to stay awake on the couch. 

It is that time of year again…my prolific aloe plant had babies!  9 this time!  Sunday morning involved gently plucking them from Mama’s side and transplanting.  Anyone want to adopt a baby Aloe?  Let me know!  

Finally, Greg took me on a Sunday Drive and we ended up finding this cool nature area in Claremont I had never been to before.  Is it possible.  Blaisdell Ranch Preserve was a beautiful little area with trees, cactus, and flittering birds (What you don't think flittering is an actual term?You may be right but I hope to make it so.)  There is a charming free stacked rock wall framing this whole magical space. Granted it is a bit Steven King feeling right now with all the bare trees and the starkness of winter but I can't wait to see how it changes with the seasons.  Certainly going back to this spot. 

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