Sunday, October 11, 2015

So much to write about, so little time!

So I've been having lots of fun as a 40 year old!  So much fun in fact I've had no time to update the blog!  Here are a few highlight to hold you over until I find a free moment.

Biking trail in Ojai

I had a wonderful birthday week.  A special Cheese Cave lunch with mom and grandma.  Biking in Ojai with my hubby. Family and friends galore visiting, sharing generous gifts and generally making me feel special in a variety of ways.

Beautiful Ojai

I just finished up an awesome yoga weekend that I hope to blog about in more detail soon.  Until then, I'll just say the 40 and fit challenge will be open to you all year, friends!  Join me for a hike, take my yoga class or request a walk or a run.  I already have some requests to schedule fitness dates, if you've told me you are in, I'll be checking my calendar and contacting you!

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