Sunday, October 25, 2015

How sweet it isn't

Life got busy, as it is prone to do.  I won’t dwell on all the events over the last couple of weeks I wish I had time to blog about. Instead, I’ll focus on now.  My husband, my mom and I are on Day 7 of a 21 day sugar detox.  I can’t say it has been easy (we have each had our moments) but I think we are all learning lots about our habits and choices.

Greg eyes the gluten and sugar-free muffin suspiciously, but they turned out to be great!

One of the helpful tips I’ve read about doing any type of a cleanse or detox, is to spend some time in nature.  So I ran on my favorite trail on Saturday and my sweet husband took me on a Sunday drive to Mount Baldy, our local mountain town, to see some trees and get some altitude. 

We are choosing not to eat many things for these three weeks so we are broadening our horizons as to the things we will eat.  I haven’t made a pot roast in almost 20 years, but that is what we did tonight.  It took a long time to cook it but when it was finally done, we felt satisfied. 

Dessert is tricky when you aren’t adding sugar.  With Halloween coming up, I’ve been craving a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup like crazy.  So tonight I looked through the items on my list of permitted foods and concocted this treat.  Homemade almond butter, frozen by the teaspoon and cocoa powder mixed with coconut oil to make a chocolate sauce drizzled over the frozen treats.  While these lack the traditional sweetness, we are used to in candy, they are quite decadent and rich.  Two more weeks?  We can do this!  

Sugar-free chocolate sauce

Chocolatey nutty goodness= almond butter and cocoa drizzle


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  2. Your choco-nutty dessert looks delicious!