Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Update

This week in the birthday countdown gift opening marathon (that my mother has so kindly provided) I received some cute clothes, a storage box, some crayons, hair conditioner, and these cute fall cloth napkins and place mats which do a lovely job of Autumning up my dining room.  Hopefully the weather will get the hint soon and cool down, autumn is almost here on the calendar, time to cool off So Cal!

Nala loves helping me open my presents! 

Other than the impending 40th birthday, I’ve been busy teaching.  Yes, elementary as usual but I am also teaching a level I Vinyasa Flow class at Claremont Yoga on Monday and Friday at 4pm.  Come and join me, friends! 

On Saturday, I was so exhausted from taking 33 kids to the fair in the heat and then teaching an active flow class on Friday afternoon that I opted to sleep in rather than do my long run.  Actually I got up and tried to find my running clothes, stumbling around the bedroom.  My sweet husband asked me, in just the right tone, “Honey do your really need to do a LONG run today?”  My body was so sore and exhausted that I knew I really shouldn’t be pushing and could use a rest day.  “No, I don’t think I should run at all today,” I replied on the verge of tears because I was so relieved.  After a restful Saturday of swimming with our nieces and going out for an early sushi dinner, Greg headed off to play a late night gig in the O.C. and I went straight to bed. 

Sunrise on my morning run!

I awoke on Sunday feeling ready for that long run.  The first three miles uphill were slow and purposeful. On top of exhaustion, I’ve been fighting a cold or allergies, not sure which.  At the top of the hill, a young man was using that first and necessary water fountain, so I waited my turn and watched him jog off.  This 14-15 year old African American fellow sporting glasses and a grin seemed to be setting a good pace for the downhill.  I made it my secret goal to catch up with him after I quenched my thirst.  I could barely keep this kiddo in view as I headed down the first stretch, he was pushing me to achieve sub 9-minute miles (which is a challenging pace for me especially in this heat, not setting any records here, I’m not fast but I go the distance!)  I had to weave in and out of a good number of joggers and walkers. At one point a gallant tall dark and handsome man who was certainly my senior, though I could not tell you by how many years, jogged off to the side to allow me to pass.  As he slowed, he smiled at me as I sped by and congratulated me for my effort, “Great job, Miss!”  I had to smile and puff out a strained “Thank You,” in his direction.

I don’t think my young running friend was aware of me at first but as I matched his pace he seemed to be alright with me pacing with him, not needing to pull ahead or fall behind. He ran on the horse path and I ran on the paved section, so we often lost sight of each other through the trees but as we neared the crossing at Mountain, he was only a few steps ahead.  I’m not sure what happened in the final stretch of the trail, but somehow I made it to the final water fountain ahead of the young man.  Finishing my drink, I noticed he was cuing up for a sip.  Catching my breath, I smiled at him saying hello as he wiped dripping water from his chin.  He smiled back and replied, “Great job, Ma’am!” Then he raced down the path leaving me to ponder.  Did this young fellow just happen to go to the same charm school as the older gentleman I saw on the path, or were the two father and son?  I got my answer at the end of the trail as the young man (who was apparently 16 or older was sitting in the driver seat of the vehicle waiting for dad who was slowly approaching the car, there were some younger siblings on scooters who were joining this group also).  So I had to wonder as I ran 8 miles instead of my regular 7, because I had some thinking to do, if I am between “miss” and “ma’am” depending on the age of the polite individual addressing me…what does that mean?  I guess it means I am almost 40!  

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