Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunny Daze

My favorite Burt’s Bees lotion, colored chalk, earrings, all sorts of delights and essentials have been included in the bag 40 gifts for my 40th that my mom gifted me.  There is still about a week left in the countdown.  Greg whipped out a big box tonight, which of course equaled hours of fun for our curious cat, Nala.  I was the recipient of a new bike helmet!  I think my husband might be planning to ask me on a bike riding date in the near future. 

Our weekend consisted of avoiding the still oppressive heat with a predawn run/ ride.  Greg rode his bike along with me for my seven miles on Saturday, the first 3 of which were in the dark.  As the sun started to come up, I realized one of my favorite things that running does for me is gets me out in nature as the world is waking up.  Those first three miles of silence punctuated with hushed conversations with the husband and listening to the sound of my breath, were gently broken with the first rays of light as the birds began to announce, wake up world, here comes the sun. 

We took shelter indoors most of the weekend as temps continued to climb to the upper 90s but we did make it out on Saturday Night to Dale Bros, where Greg’s band rocked out and helped several birthday boys and girls celebrate their special day.  I met up with several old friends but two young friends took me by surprise.  These young men were both my students and met in my class about 10 years ago.  It delighted me that they came out to see Mr. Jackson’s band and say hello to their old teacher.  However, my greatest joy was realizing that these young fellows had maintained their friendship all these years. At 18 and 19 years old they still nurture the friendship they forged in Room One.  I felt a little odd with these kiddos of mine towering over me and perhaps I felt a little old too, but I also felt loved.  Not just because these boys took time out of their busy lives to come say hello but also because they both submitted to posing for a picture with their old teacher in a public place, what could be more torturous? 

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