Sunday, September 20, 2015

It’s too darn hot!

We are still hanging out in the high 90s here in So. Cal.  That means that the majority of the weekend gives way to air conditioning, movies and naps.  However we are blessed to have a few hours of cooler early morning temps and I certainly took advantage of those this weekend.

On Saturday, my running friend, Talia, invited me to join her for a 10K to prep for her upcoming ½ marathon.  We had hoped that starting at 6:30 would make us feel like we had slept in at least a little on Saturday morning. Unfortunately we were both still pretty sleepy as we started out. Once we got moving however, we pretty much beat the heat finishing our run before 8am.  On Sunday, my former student, Adelina, invited me for a birthday hike.  I met sweet Adelina when she was a 4th grader in my very first full time teaching assignment about 18 years ago.  I was a very green 21-year-old teacher and Adelina is kind enough to remember me fondly.  I’m so delighted we have been able to keep in touch over the years.  Greg and I met her at 7am to hike Sycamore Canyon.  We got plenty sweaty but had some beautiful views on our early morning jaunt. 

Thanks, Adelina, for remembering to snap this selfie at the end of the trail and for the lovely visit!

So friends and family, I have had a few takers in my Fit at Forty challenge.  There are still a couple of weeks until I turn forty.  Hit me up for a hike, come visit one of my yoga classes, invite me out for a jog or walk.  Something else you would like to try?  Let me know.  I’m hoping to fill this whole year with active visits with family and friends. 

My mom’s special 40 gifts for my 40th bag is more than half empty now.  This past week I opened many lovely gifts; a new lipstick on picture day, an adorable jar for serving homemade jam, lime essential oil, but by far my favorite was the Hello Kitty Colorforms!As a child, I remember passing many happy hours playing with Colorforms and I was completely in love with Hello Kitty!  My mom knows me pretty well!  I am so lucky to have her in my life! 

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