Friday, August 7, 2015

Fall Out

We’ve been having some difficulty readjusting to California time.  Seems we don’t know when we should sleep, wake up, or eat.  While logically I know that only a three hour time difference shouldn’t be wreaking such havoc on our systems, for whatever reason, my hubby and I are just a bit off.  Up until 11 or midnight, we never stayed up that late on the island.  You’d think we would be sleeping in, but no we are up at 4 am.  By 11am we need a nap, then we forget to eat lunch and if we eat we won’t be hungry for dinner, so we just have a snack then we want dinner at 3pm!

Anyhow, in the morning we beat the sleeplessness by heading out the door during the 6 ‘o clock hour for some running and biking.  I did my long run, 7 miles up to the Thompson Creek Trail and Greg rode his bike, sometimes going ahead and looping back around to let me catch up.  (Bikes are faster downhill than runners, go figure!)  As a testament to being a bit off, I tripped and fell while attempting to stop at the water fountain and won this beautiful scrape on my knee for my efforts.  It has been over a year since I last fell when running, so I guess I’m all set for the next twelve months….do you hear that running gods?! 

Hopefully our time in June Lake will help us get back on a somewhat sane schedule!

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