Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We got lei’d

Yes we’ve been on the islands for 17 days and this is the first time we got lei’d!  Word play aside, we have been making an effort to drink in the Hawaiian-ness over the past two days. 

We got up at the crack of dawn yesterday; first rooster crow people, and we were on the first bus north to be some of the first people on Kapalua Beach.  In fact, we were the first snorkelers to arrive followed by one family of four.  Being one of only six people in this pristine bay was worth getting up with the cock.  The visibility here is not the best, the waters are seemingly calm but you get a silty obscured view of the underwater world, which seems somewhat ethereal, especially when the rays of the early sunrise come beaming through. The redeeming factor for this bay is the very active turtles.  We see turtles in front of our condo all the time munching away during high tide on the rocks, but the jagged edges of the coral  and rocks there make it dangerous to snorkel in these shallows.  We are still seeking a safe entry and passage through to the deeper reefs in front of the Kulakane.  The beach park in Ka’anapali gives us easy shore access, but the turtles are sporadic here, hit and miss, and when you see them they go deep and cling to rocks on the bottom only surfacing to breath.  The cool thing about Kapalua is that the turtles are actively eating in the shallows and the sharp rocks can be avoided.  We got to hang out with the coolest turtle, about half my size, enjoying her morning meal. 

Cliff diver at Black Rock.

Public transit has been getting us around and keeping us close to the locals.  We were on the first bus of the day to Kapalua for snorkeling in the morning and the second to last bus of the night (and many in between).  Last night we went to see the cliff divers at Black Rock and ended up back at Java Jazz for some music. This morning, I satisfied my yoga itch by taking a class in Lahaina’s Island Spirit Studio.  I was surprised by how tight my muscles were.  After all, I’m on vacation, on an island, I should be as limp as cooked spaghetti.  Yet I guess with all the running, swimming and such, even though I’m doing a bit of my own practice each day, a full yoga class can put me in touch with my muscles on another level.  

The view from Merriman's at happy hour.

We took the bus back to Kapalua this afternoon for happy hour at Merriman’s, which absolutely can boast the best Mai Tai on the island, hands down!  Then we headed over to Napili Kai for the Keiki Hula Show.  This is an awesome event.  Only $10 per person and you are supporting the oldest hula school in Hawaii, which welcomes all children who want to learn and provides scholarships to them as they move forward in their education. What a beautiful way to keep culture alive for the next generation.  Plus that is where we got our beautiful leis.  The heavenly scent of Plumeria is reminding me of the tree outside my bedroom window.  No nap today, sweet sleep calls, the rooster will be crowing before we know it. 

Awesome Hula Show!

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