Sunday, July 19, 2015


We beat the heat Friday afternoon by playing in the waves near our condo.  We spotted a pod of dolphins in the distance and found that a very large turtle had the same idea we did, as he glided right past our boogie board and surprised some kids body surfing nearby. 

Late afternoon rain and breezes made it pleasant to be outside for the poolside pupu party.  After the conch blowing ceremony we shared snacks and drinks with our neighbors.  Greg found out that our next-door neighbor had an ukulele, and so he brought out his guitar to play with his new friend.  I enjoyed contemplating the stars from the sea wall where the air felt delightfully cool and refreshing.  Finally, we had a brief reprieve from the heat.

Feeling revitalized from a comfortable night sleep, I was ready to get up before sunrise with the rooster and run up the coast.  Four miles up to Kapalua; it was not an easy run.  I forgot how much uphill was involved in getting there.  Once there however, the effort seemed to melt away thanks to views like this. Beautiful scenes such as these, helped to make the return trip (4 miles out, 4 miles back) less painful.  

Though there was a water fountain at the Kapalua trailhead, I knew I would need hydration before the 4 mile mark.  I seem to need to drink every two miles when running here.  Last year I planned my runs past ice machines and water fountains when running through the resorts but when I ran up the coast like today, I packed a Ziplock baggie of ice in my running belt and though it leaked, I at least had something to sip on.  I planned better this year and picked up this little flexible hydration tube, that slides right into my belt and holds just enough water to get me through the stretches without water fountains. 

We enjoyed more time by the pool and swimming in the ocean in the afternoon.  Following a quiet dinner of fish tacos, we met our neighbors at the seawall to visit and share travel tales.  As they headed off to put their kids to bed, Greg and I trekked down the street to Java Jazz to hear a little music before dessert which consisted of heavenly coconut macaroons from the farmer’s market.

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