Saturday, July 11, 2015


Nine years ago today Greg and I were married on 7-7-06.  Today on 7-7 we have reservations to eat at a much-admired restaurant, Red Salt at 6pm.  So those numbers seem to have come full circle. 

Speaking of numbers, my morning began with a significant one.  I have logged 250 runs on my phone’s Nike Running app since I got it about a year and a half ago.  I’ve been looking forward to seeing it roll over to 1,000 miles for a few weeks now.  I first imagined this would happen on our trip to Yosemite because after a particularly grueling run I had reversed my total in my head. (I thought I was at 996 but I was really at 969.)  Oh well, I comforted myself with the knowledge that I would most definitely roll over while on Kauai and that would be memorable for certain.  After this morning's two mile run, I asked Greg to watch with me, as the total was sure to roll past 1,000. We were both surprised since I don’t run round miles and often have .06 or .33 included in my distances that numbers stopped rolling at an even 1,000.  Pretty cool as far as numbers go. 

Two bowls of coconut yogurt with banana and the world’s best mango (procured from a fruit stand on our drive yesterday) were served for our anniversary breakfast with a sprinkle of oat honey granola.  One yoga lesson fit to Greg’s needs was given before we departed for our day trip to the North Shore.

Two pit stops were made. One in Kilauea to see the light house and learn about the birds nesting on the cliffs; mainly Albatrosses and Blue Footed Boobies (how can you not smile when you hear that name?!)  One of the park rangers pointed out a monk seal on the shore below us.  I was in animal lover heaven!  Many thanks to Greg for making this stop for his nature nerd wife!  He certainly knows what I like.  In this town we picked up some spicy macadamia nuts at the Kauai Nut Roasters (“Come check out my nuts” is included on the signage for this place, again can’t help but smile).  Our next stop was in Hanalei for lunch and shopping.  We enjoyed some fish and chips at Hanalei Gourmet (which was anything but, being rather a small diner, but that was fine with us because their passion fruit margarita made up for the lack of epicurean delights.)  We meandered through the shops.  Greg played some ukuleles and I tried on some yoga clothes.  Then we were ready for the long ride home. 

What lunch lacked in presentation, dinner made up for to the N'th degree.  We dined at Red Salt on bronzed scallops and heirloom beet and melon salad for starters. My Ono in a chowder sauce with bok choy and Thai ginger chili oil was the most delicious thing I ever smelled and then I tasted it. Amazing!  Greg’s filet with four flavorful dipping sauces was pretty great as well.  Great views of surfers, geckos, and Tiki torches set a wonderful ambience and provided good entertainment as well.  


We walked on the beach walk to the Marriott after dinner and saw a toady-froggin’ (my dad’s name for the local amphibians, I remember him chasing after them and trying to catch them when we stayed on this island when I was a young teenager.)  So I guess all of that adds up to one romantic evening and sum of all the parts of this day equals one memorable anniversary.  

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