Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Perhaps it was the limitation of liquids on the airplane and how we had to pack enough toiletries for 3.5 weeks into a one quart bag per person with each container not to exceed three ounces, that got me to thinking about the generous amounts of liquid that flow in Kauai. Obviously, we are surrounded by the vast ocean and it seems to rain daily if only for a few moments here and there.  Today was a day that seemed to be centered around procuring liquids on the island.  After a beautiful morning coastal hike with the hubby, which was preceded by an exploratory 1 mile run (complete with the views below); we returned to the condo to sample some Kauai coffee. 

Later in the day, in the town of Koloa, we enjoyed our first plate lunch of Ahi in wasabi cream sauce with rice and salad.  Of course that had to be washed down with some Hawaiian made mango soda.  We couldn’t resist popping into the local wine shop to choose a nice Chardonnay to have back at the condo later.

Next was a ride up toward Anahola with some beautiful views of mountains and coastline. On the way back we stopped at the Koloa Rum tasting room where I found coconut rum to be my favorite and though Greg loved it as well, the dark and spiced rum where also contenders for him. 

For dinner we grabbed some Puka Dogs, Hawaiian veggie dogs and/or polish sausage with a lemon garlic sauce, fruit salsa and passion mustard.  Never had anything like that before, very unique!  Well hydrated, we were ready for a good night's sleep! 

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