Friday, July 17, 2015

Island Rhythm

We are starting to fall back into that familiar Maui lifestyle.  For us, the last few days have gone something like this.  Rooster crows 4:30am…ignore and sleep some more.  Rooster repeats 5:30 am…sun’s not up, ain’t moving my butt.  Rooster sends a barrage of undeniable announcements of sunrise our way 5:40ish.  I get up and run.  I perspire. I see weird bugs. I sweat some more. I see beautiful flowers.  I am dripping, large droplets dot the sidewalk as I hurry on.  I see the ocean. I consider jumping in.  Too many lava rocks in my way.  It is too hot to run anymore, I go home. 

Unattractive selfie included for the sole purpose of showing you how saturated I was after this run.  Notice it is not raining but my sunglasses are dripping and my whole body is slick.  The not so glamorous side to running in paradise! 

Cool slug spotted on a run, not dog shit like Greg first thought.  Looking at photos from my run, "Honey, why did you take a picture of dog poop?"  "I didn' is another weird and interesting  Hawaiian bug!"  I'm weird!

When Greg gets up we do some yoga.  Then we go snorkeling and see beautiful fish or walk on the beach or to the farmer’s market.  It gets even hotter and we get tired, get hungry, have lunch, take a nap, haul the boogie board down to the ocean for a swim because it is hot again, read by the pool, shower up for dinner, eat, watch the sunset,  take another walk, check out some local music, walk home, sleep. 

This is the type of routine I would never get bored with; life is good. 

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