Thursday, July 23, 2015

Island Indulgences

After a very tough morning, rooster no crow… missed my run!  Got up late and made it to the beach to snorkel rather late.  Not only was it crowded but the currents were slamming us.  I felt seasick out there but luckily kept down my meager breakfast and swam with another turtle for a bit.  When he was done with us he just kicked against the current and disappeared, no mater how hard we tried to swim after him, we just kept getting pushed back.  We popped our heads up to see we had been driven much farther north than we meant to go and planned to swim into shallower water with the crowds to find an easier path to swim back.  While on the surface, we witnessed the most comical thing we’ve seen in deep water.  Greg saw a little splash and wonder what it was. A tiny silver fish surfaced and skimmed across the waves only to be pursued by a much larger barracuda shaped fish snapping at his tail.  We both burst out laughing, “Did you see that?!”  It was like something out of Finding Nemo but not animated. What a comical treat before the long and exhausting swim back to shore. I’ve rarely felt as tired as I used to get swimming and playing in the ocean when I was a kid.  Remember that feeling of utter exhaustion as you collapse onto your towel, soaking wet and out of breath, gooseflesh after exposing your damp skin to the cool air,  the warm sun on your back as you rest face down, your arms cradling your head.  Terra firma!  I had that experience today.  So once we made the mile and a half walk back to the condo and got some lunch.  I was ready to chill out the rest of the day.  While I was taking a nap, my sweet hubby made me an appointment for a massage. 

The Maui Bliss massage, just a five minute walk down the way, consisted of a full body massage with organic cocoa butter, a lavender oil scalp massage and a detoxifying sea salt foot scrub.  The advertisement for this massage boasted that you would float out the door when finished.  I haven’t come down yet!  Our neighbors gifted us a bottle of red wine and we indulged in another rarity, we got a wood fired pizza from the street cart in a neighboring parking lot.  (I know that sounds shady but some of the best food in Hawaii comes from a mini mall, food truck, or parking lot). 

It is important to remember when we punish ourselves physically, it is important to balance that out with some indulgence.  Big love for that sweet husband of mine who knows just how and when to spoil me!

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