Saturday, June 13, 2015

Teacher Training Comes To A Close

This post is quite delayed but the final yoga teacher training weekend came just 2 short weeks before the close of school.  This means that the moment the graduation party ended I was thrust back into a heap of report cards and end of the year prep that had to be completed pronto, because the final day of school waits for no one!  After having a free weekend, I am ready to put a few reflections about my experience down into words.

As a result of this program, I knew my personal practice would thrive and I knew my own understanding of my body would deepen but I didn’t anticipate it would be about the people.  I was blessed to share this experience with an amazingly diverse and awesome group of individuals.  I know more about their tight or loose hamstrings than I do about their day jobs, their families, and their everyday lives.  Conversely we shared more of our real life challenges, deaths of loved ones, illnesses, and fears. Small talk took a back seat. 

As for the graduation ceremony itself, our communal Ohm around the cake, brought tears to many eyes.  We shared cheese plates and champagne.  We finally fit in some of the small talk that we hadn’t had time for over the last 9 months.  I have to say that even though this training is over, I hope my opportunity to interact with these lovely people is not. 

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