Saturday, June 27, 2015

All I want for my fortieth birthday

Yes, I am aware that I don’t turn 40 until October.  But believe it or not, I’ve been getting some questions about this already. “What do you want to do for your 40th? Do you want to have a party?  How about presents?”  To be honest I’ve been thinking about turning forty for a while now.  Round about 35 or 36 years old I started running.  It began as something I did to combat stress but then it became something I looked forward to and began to enjoy.  It was somewhere in my early running days, when I started to note a shift in my fitness that I realized I could actually, conceivably arrive at 40 in better shape than I was in my twenties.  The thought was enticing, never really in the forefront of my mind, but certainly humming away in the background.  When I embarked on my yoga teacher training at age 39, that thought popped up again.  Just maybe, I’ll arrive at 40 feeling stronger and more healthy than I ever have before in my life.  I actually might be able to consider myself fit at forty.  Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate? 

Then it came to me.  I don’t want a party where everyone I love is in the same room for a few hours and I only get a few minutes to talk to each of them.  When it comes to tangible gifts, there isn’t anything I really need.  What I really want is for my family and friends to be healthy and happy.  I can already hear the grumblings, “Well how am I supposed to wrap that for you, Melissa?”  It is like using your one wish to hope for World Peace, I understand that. It is what we all want but not bloody likely. However in this case, I think I can have my wish. 

Leading up to my fortieth birthday and in the year that follows, I invite all of my friends and family to help this be the healthiest year of my life and in the process I hope you’ll benefit, as well.   Where am I going with this?  Here is what I want.  Join me for a run or let’s plan a hike together.  Not your cup of tea?  Let’s go to your favorite fitness class, lift weights at your gym, or come take a class at my local yoga studio, maybe try out an aerial gym class with me.  You don’t work out?  That’s fine, let’s take a walk around my neighborhood. You like this idea but you don’t live close by?  We’ve got over a year let’s plan to meet half way or on a trip you already have planned and toss a little fitness date in there.  You like this idea but there is no way we can meet up this year?  Send me a card or write me an e-mail about something active that you’ve been doing lately and if you haven’t been active do something you’ve been meaning to try in my honor.  Bonus points: take pictures and post them on my Facebook page!  All you have to do is say you want to do something for your health.  Maybe it is not fitness but eating healthy, that’s fine. Perhaps you want to get more sleep or develop a meditation practice; great!  Whatever it is you choose to do, share it with me and I will be happy!

Let the fit and forty fun begin now!  No waiting until my birthday in October.  Are you going to see me in June Lake this summer, LaLone family?  Let’s choose a trail to hike during my stay or let’s do a yoga practice at the park, I’ll lead! Anyone traveling to Hawaii in July?  We could arrange to meet up on Kauai or Maui and go for a swim or climb up one of those big ass volcanoes.  Worried about the heat in August? Let’s plan some studio classes during that month. Come visit me in Claremont and we’ll take a night hike.  Will you be visiting Southern California in the fall or winter, perhaps over the holidays?  Let’s look at our calendars and sign up for a 5K together or a bike tour.  I’m serious people let the fitness fun begin! 

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