Monday, May 25, 2015


Saturday Morning I had the trail practically to myself.  A grey May morning, with the streets still wet from yesterday evening’s rain, made the perfect weather for a long run. 

Then I taught another kids yoga class followed by trussing up the tomato plants, and mouse proofing the roof. (Don’t ask…when you hear skittering across the roof and the cat sits straight up in bed in the middle of the night and lunges toward the kitchen to perch on the half wall between the living room and kitchen and stares resolutely at the vent above the stove, you know some sort or rodent is trying to take refuge from the unseasonable Southern California late spring weather that we’ve been experiencing!) Hopefully putting my husband on the roof with some extra shingles and bricks efficiently blocked the rodent refuge.  I’ve got tons of cozy spots back by the compost pile and under the desert mallow where I’m happy to house wildlife friends but when it comes to waking up at 3 or 4 am with a panicky puss, I would rather you not be hiding on top of my house, Mickey!

Unfortunately, late Saturday night or early Sunday morning (depending on how you look at it) the household was awakened again by earnest scratching from above.  We quickly realize our error, instead of sealing the offending rodent out, we had locked him in!  When it became clear that no one was going to sleep with the threat of this furry friend chewing his way through the wire mess and dropping into our soup pot, Greg decided to go back onto the roof and remove the barrier.  This was easier said than done.  The ladder was in the garage, neatly put away in the rafters, which couldn’t be reached until the car was moved.  However Greg’s vintage 1962 Galaxie is very loud and slow to start up.  So we decided, not to wake the neighbors, it was best to push the car out of the garage into the driveway to gain access to the ladder.  I felt just like the Von Trapps escaping from the Nazis in the Sound of Music.  Even though Greg and I were exhausted and outside in our pajamas doing challenging physical labor in the middle of the night, I had to smile, there is no one I would rather be making these crazy memories with.  My sweet husband has a way of making me smile, even the most impossible situations.  Eventually we shifted the ladder from its perch and Greg climbed sleepily to the roof and removed the brick from the vent.  He waited until he saw the suspected rodent (who we have learned was a roof rat, not a mouse) flee the domicile.  Then he replaced the brick and we got a few hours of well-earned sleep. 

Sunday was lazy due to our sleepless Saturday Night.  We managed our morning trip to market with mom and a leisurely lunch followed by a slow paced stroll around the neighborhood but then it was nap time for me.  I awoke feeling more human but still low-key.  I felt like giving myself a facial but I had just run out of face soap.  No worries, I have been eager to try out some homemade recipes for facial products.  I made a honey almond liquid face soap scented with orange and spice essential oils and some Shea and coconut night cream with vitamin E scented with cedar and lavender for relaxation. 

After a little indulgence and messing up the kitchen, I found the energy to clean the house, do a little schoolwork and restorative yoga.  It was still cool outside, so I took the opportunity to make what is likely the last pot of soup for the season.  Veggie soup with a tomato base and a garlicky risotto that I stirred into the soup at the last minute so it wouldn’t get to thick. 

Thanks to our late night adventures we experienced no rodent disturbances on Sunday Night.  We slept fairly soundly and I was ready for four miles on the trail in the still cool weather.  Then onto Memorial Day Kundalini Yoga class followed by lunch out with my hubby.  Greg spent the afternoon rigging up a more permanent rat barrier in the vent and I did school work.  With only three weeks left to go in the school year, report cards and end of year projects need to be completed. 

Here is hoping our peaceful sleep continues and that our furry friend has found a far cozier roost than the vent above our oven.  Our poor senior kitty Nala has been catching up on her snoozing ever since the skittering from above ceased.  Sweet Nala Balasana is not used to standing guard night and day with her ears perked and nose stretched to the ceiling. We are all much calmer and happier when she resumes her rightful place, the spot she has always chosen as her favorite since the very first day she came to stay with us, Greg’s lap. 

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