Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dressing up and Stepping out

Today was a unique day in the classroom.  There was a dance party at lunch and we were encouraged to wear formal attire or to dress for a celebration.  I tried on my Junior Homecoming dress, thinking that would be hilarious.  It was, but I also decided it was not school appropriate.  (The burnt orange and purple foil look must have been the new rage in the 90s but now it is just ridiculous!) 

I ended up wearing something much more teacher appropriate but much less fun.  Oh well, as I was already dressed up when Greg picked me up from work I convinced him to take me out to dinner.  After a nice meal and a chat, he was off to rehearsal and I wasn’t finished being out and about for the day. Time for a change of scene and a change of clothes.

After donning my much more comfortable athletic wear and a hat, I was ready to venture out. Having already completed a run this morning, I didn’t need another workout but I just craved some outside time.  I had Greg drop me off at the top of the trail and I took a brisk walk back home.  I veered off the path for the first quarter mile and found some mountain biking trails to explore.  Quail and other brush birds were returning to the roost and it was a beautiful time of night to be out in nature. While I was cold all morning in my formal attire, this evening it warmed up and it was pleasant weather for being out on the trail. Just a little 2.5 mile jaunt, but the views that this pre-dusk landscape provided were transcendent. 

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