Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Warriors

We kicked off the weekend with dinner at our favorite Japanese Restaurant, Kishi.  Fueled with delicious fish and warm rice, we summoned the energy to attend Comedy Sports at the high school, where several of my former students were showcasing their quick wits!  Saturday morning offered seven miles that I seemingly ran in my sleep.  Perhaps due to the overcast weather, impending rain, and cool temps; this run seemed effortless. Last time I ran this very same route, I felt I barely could drag my exhausted body home.  For whatever reason, this weekend it seemed super easy.  Moving fast resulted in staying warm or so it seemed.  When I got home, I drank water and stretched out before hopping into a warm shower, so I was surprised to find that my lips were still a shade of pale blue 30 minutes after getting home.   I guess my speedy pace didn’t keep me as warm as I thought. 

No time to dwell on my great run or chilly countenance, after a quick breakfast and some coffee it was time to trek over to the Bernard Field Station for the LEEP open house.  The B.F.S. is an awesome chunk of preserved native land owned by the colleges for biological research.  Lucky me, I get to take 36 6th graders for weekly hikes and lessons in the field.  As a part of the Leadership in Environmental Education Partnership in which Pitzer students get to practice teaching environmental lessons under my stewardship, my elementary students get some awesome outdoor learning, as well.  It is far and away my favorite part of teaching each spring.  Saturday was a day where the B.F.S was open to the public for families to see what their students have been learning all semester.  I took the opportunity to tour my good friend Talia and her mom around the field station.  Walking about ¾ of a mile from home to the gates and hiking a couple miles on the trails of the 88 acres of sage scrub, oak woodlands and Riparian habitat that is the B.F.S  and hoofing it back home to grab lunch with Greg before he headed off to work, added at least another three miles to the day’s total.  I managed to make it inside with my seed collection to plan my spring garden before the rain started to fall.  The pitter-patter of raindrops on my roof was the perfect invitation to an afternoon nap.  With beautiful images of purple Penstemon in a wildflower flourish decorating the foreground and cream-colored spice-scented Elder blossoms punctuating the green trees, only sweet dreams can follow.

After our usual trip to the farmer’s market, Sunday was all about planting my spring garden.  Greg had hired the next-door neighbor’s gardeners to help him attack the weeds with some manpower on Saturday when I was at the LEEP Open House.  The result was easy access to my raised beds.  I planted dry shelling beans, basil, nasturtiums, edamame, zucchini, yellow squash, 6 varieties of winter squash, 2 varieties of pumpkin, pole beans, sunflowers, eggplant and peppers in addition to the 6 tomato plants, strawberries, lettuce, carrots, celery and radishes that are already growing in the front and back yard. I still have about 3 more beds to weed and some herbs to trim back before I can plant the remaining melons, cucumbers and gourds that I hope to get in the ground before it gets too hot.  Knowing I’ll be busy with yoga training next weekend, it will be at least two weeks until I get to spend substantial time in the garden again.  Still I’m more than ¾ of the way done with planting for the season and that is a good feeling. 

Any weekend that results in this pile of shoes by the back door is a good one.  We’ve amassed running shoes, hiking or trail shoes, street shoes or farmer’s-market-going-shoes, and gardening shoes.  This is a good reminder that my feet have been busy this weekend.  I’m hoping to put my feet up tonight and rest a bit before early morning yoga teaching kicks off a busy week tomorrow morning. 

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