Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wonderful Weekend

On Friday night, Greg and I went out to our favorite restaurant, Kishi.  Always delicious, healthy high quality food but our favorite part is that Ken, our sushi chef, knows what we want as soon as we walk in the door, and by the time we have said our hellos and made it to our regular seats; he has already started making our food!  After dinner, Greg took me to a folk jam at Pitzer college where he found a communal upright bass, which he played most of the night.  Greg is a guitarist, bassist, vocalist (multi-instrumentalist) but he had never played upright bass before.  Despite some outstanding blisters on his fingertips, you would never have known he was novice.  There may be a new addition to the Jackson family in the near future.  I’m envisioning a bouncing beautiful upright bass in the corner of our living room! 

Saturday started with a seven mile run through the foothills of Claremont.  Followed by a birthday yoga class for my mama.  We enjoyed a nice lunch and some shopping after class.  With the temps pushing up near 90 in the afternoon, we took shelter indoors and spent some quality time with Grandma Lou.  She took this photo of mom and I giggling after trying to demonstrate some yoga poses for her. 

Sunday, our usual market day, was capped off by a luscious lunch provided by the Cheese Cave!  Though I hadn’t planted any sweat peas this year, my recently rebellious back yard had volunteers coming up from last year.  So I was able to pick a few of mom’s favorites for her 62nd birthday.

After our indulgent weekend, I made a healthy salad for dinner and packaged up leftovers in Weck jars to take for lunch this week.  Baby spinach with quinoa, chickpeas, feta, hardboiled egg, green olives and a spicy lemon vinaigrette.  We had a fun filled weekend and now I’m ready to kick off a busy week by teaching Yoga on the Run at 6am tomorrow!

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