Thursday, March 26, 2015

Don’t sweat it!

It’s about to get real up in here, so for the faint of heart, I suggest you avert your eyes.  Read something else, perhaps a romance novel where women glisten or glow because this female is about to admit something...  I am a woman and I sweat!  I’m not talking the kind of moisture you could dab away with a kerchief, or dewdrops demurely perched on my brow.  Perhaps you’ve heard the term sweating bullets?  (My elementary class is learning about idioms, so this saying has been on my mind lately).  That axiom doesn’t seem to suffice for my situation.  My dear friend, Dennis Hall, would utter a much more accurate term which he would often quote when mopping the sweat from  his forehead, “I am sweating major ammunition.”  Yes, folks that is how I roll and I am learning to embrace the sweat.  Whether I’m getting drenched running in the increasing heat of the Southern California spring (we have hit the 90s this week), or getting slippery on my yoga mat in our sauna like studio (and I don’t even practice “hot” yoga), I work up a sweat most every day.

Some say I’m warm blooded (yes, I realize all humans are but some of us tend to run warmer than others).  This tendency concerns my grandma who wears a terry robe even in the summer and there I am sleeveless and in shorts in December. I imagine she thinks I am constantly in a fevered state.  Other than dressing cool, I try to use a typical antiperspirant/ deodorant in my fight against funk, but every couple of years it stops working.  I need to switch brands or it irritates me and my sweat glands become painful.  As its been heating up the last few days, this recurrent problem resurfaced.  Over the last few days I have worn a few shirts that by the end of the day, I felt I might be better off burning that washing.  Time to try something new.  With all of my homemade skin care product dabbling, I had been dying to try making my own deodorant.  I found some recipes online, settled on one that I had all the ingredients for in my pantry, tweaked it a bit (I can’t help myself), then I went to work.  In less than five minutes, I had homemade deodorant.  It smells lovely and seems to work, I have yet to put it through a yoga weekend or a long run, so I let you know what the verdict is. 

Here is the recipe I used: 
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup baking soda
10 drops lemongrass essential oil  (you could use lavender for a more conventional scent, but with my current allergies anything floral makes me want to sneeze!)

What to Do:
1. Mix slightly softened coconut oil with the essential oil.
2. Add cornstarch and baking soda and mix until smooth.
3. Transfer to an empty deodorant tube.

Note: If it is hot out refrigerate your deodorant since coconut oil has a low melting point. This also made enough to fill two old deodorant tubes, but since I just had one, I saved the remaining product in a labeled plastic tub as a refill for future use.

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