Monday, February 2, 2015

A woman a few words

A few highlights from the weekend and the week’s beginning.

On Saturday, I enjoyed a long run on the trail and I saw this handsome fellow while stopping at my favorite drinking fountain.  Have you ever heard a goat fart?  I swear this bearded devil let one rip with gusto while I was peering through this wagon wheel fence at him.  

On Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed a long lunch with my mom and hubby. Afterward, we walked it off on a little hike near Sycamore Canyon and saw a few deer on the hillside, as a bonus. We are having beautiful weather in Claremont right now. Even though I miss the charms of winter, who can complain?!  Well maybe these two can,  I swear I wasn't walking that fast!

Early, early, early on Monday morning I taught my first Yoga on the Run class to a small but eager group of runners. So much fun to open the blinds, turn on the lights, and wake up the studio in the morning.  

After an early morning yoga class and a late afternoon run today (not to mention a full work day in between), I can’t get to bed quick enough tonight.  I am ex-haust-ed! (As regular readers can probably tell, because I am usually not so sparing with my words, I promise to be my regular old long-winded self when next I write). 

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