Saturday, December 13, 2014

Running Junkie and Rainy Day Schedule

It has become increasingly clear to me that I am addicted to running.  When you are willing to get up before the crack of dawn for an activity, you get twitchy if you haven’t done in two consecutive days, and you plan your day around fitting it in…I would say you are hooked.  On Thursday, despite an afternoon meeting and dark clouds swarming on the horizon, I was itching to get in just a short two miles before dark.  Luckily the meeting ended on time and after rushing home to do a quick change, I was racing to my heart’s content.  I made it home before the last light and even beat the rain. 

Rainy Day Schedule doesn’t mean much to most folks.  Unless you are an elementary school student or teacher, you could probably care less.  Some students delight in the board games, costumes, and the treasure trove of activities that get pulled out of the closet on rainy days, while others feel cooped up and bounce off the walls wishing they could go outside and run around.  As their teacher, I empathize.  Whenever there is rain in the forecast, which is relatively rare here in So. Cal,  I try to make sure I squeeze in a run the day before.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad for the rain, with this drought, we need it.  However 34 restless students in the confines for four walls for recess is a challenge for even a veteran teacher.  I have learned that ensuring that I am a little less fidgety by getting my run on the night before, will help to maintain my sanity a bit better in the wet weather to come. 

The rain left a whisper of frost on the ground, when I went out for my long run this Saturday morning.  I even slept in until 7:15, an hour when the weather would have grown intolerably warm just a few weeks ago.  I was surprised that heading out during the 7 am hour still offered temps in the 40s, which to a Southern California girl may as well be freezing.  I noticed I ran a bit slower than my last few long runs, but with trying not to slip on wet leaves and navigating puddles from yesterdays storm, I figured safety first!  Another benefit to taking it a bit slower was avoiding the side ache I almost always experience on the uphill portion of my run and feeling like the climb was pretty easy.  I had tons of energy left to enjoy the downhill.  The views today were outstanding!  A sprinkling of snow on the mountains, green foothills, and happy oaks;  a feast for the eyes.   

Speaking of feasts, I might have mentioned before when I do my long runs on the weekend, I end up running back through the burbs just as normal people are getting up to fix elaborate weekend breakfasts.  Cheddar hashbrowns, crispy bacon, pancakes with maple syrup…yes I can smell all of that from the sidewalk as I race past.  Don’t think that it doesn’t take restraint to not come knocking on your door and invite myself to breakfast.  In fact I’ve had fantasies that the whole block would get together for a breakfast potluck at the end of the cul-de-sack, in my honor, and welcome me as I rounded the corner to a breakfast feast. But truth be told, if my dream did come true, I would most likely tell the cooks that I wanted to finish my mileage before sitting down to eat.  That is how I know I am a true running junkie! 

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