Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Cat-mouse!

It is a silly title but the highlight of our morning was watching our elderly kitty, Nala,  react with glee as the contents of her stocking was revealed to her.  Nala will not play with most cat toys, much preferring string and boxes, but she does delight in playing with a few small plush mice, which we call her babies.  She enjoys pouncing on her babies, batting them around, thrashing her head from side to side while clasping them between her teeth, and running around holding their tails in her mouth before she attempts to drown them in her water dish.  For this reason, we have to put her babies away when play-time is over, or she will destroy them.  Also for this reason, she sometimes needs a replacement baby.  I found a few red felt mice of the size and type she usually accepts with a while snowflake stitched on the side.  Greg and I delighted in watching her chase that little thing around the house all morning until she was so tuckered out she fell asleep in the sun shining through the dining room window.

Yes, the sun is out this Christmas in Southern California.  While it was a chilly 45 degrees this morning during my run, I did not require arm warmers or leggings for my 4 miles and warmed up rather quickly, once I got moving.  

Yesterday, Greg and I fit in our monthly hiking date.  We took that Sycamore Canyon trail that we discovered last month on our super short hike.  The trail is pretty steep, which meant that it took us 90 minutes to complete this 3 mile loop.  The Sycamore trail took us from the Thompson Creek Trail way up into the foothills of Claremont’s Wilderness area.  

At the top of the hill you can go west into Johnson’s Pasture or east toward the 5-mile loop.  We went east, as we could see trails below us that seemed to make their way back to the Thompson Creek Trail. We encountered only one dead end and needed to backtrack perhaps a quarter of a mile.  Once back on the main path, we were rewarded by seeing a family of deer munching on grasses near the hillside. 

Time to get back to the festivities.  Whether you are celebrating the holidays with your kids or your cat, family or friends, enjoy a peaceful day

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  1. Merry Christmas, Missy! I'm deathly ill with the flu, but I still managed to enjoy a bowl of LaLone beans and chile. Thank you!