Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kitty-proof Kristmas

A few blogs ago, I posed the question, “How do we decorate the house for the holiday and avoid puddles of piney puke?”  This question may not make any sense to those of you not indoctrinated into the school of Nala.  Nala is our twelve year old kitty.  We still call her a kitty because she is a diminutive old lady.  Weighing only six pounds, she must have been the runt of her litter. We feed her excessive amounts of expensive wet food and yet she stays petite.  She is a relatively healthy cat, but she has the tendency, as an indoor cat, to chew on anything green that we bring indoors and promptly puke it up. This includes the Christmas Tree.  So this year, in deference to her (and my husband who cleans up most of the kitty spew, in all fairness),  we decided to try to forgo the tree this year. 

In addition to doing away with the tree, we tried to keep all the decorations out of paw’s reach (or at least the ones she can climb to can do her no harm and no harm can be done to them).  Another positive note is that we were able to find all of these decorations in our existing stores, so no additional money was spent in this endeavor (which is excellent especially because we recently had the exterior of our house painted, so we are not eager to spend cash right now…photos of that adventure to come in a future blog.) 

So here you have it; a cat-friendly Christmas!  We’ll let you know if eliminating the tree keeps kitty healthier this holiday season. 

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