Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Still running

So, just because I've recommitted to my yoga practice doesn’t mean I’ve lost my love for running.  Here is how you know you are hooked on running.  Your husband gives you new running shoes for your birthday and you are so desperate to try them out that you wake up at 5am to beat the heat and squeeze in a run on a weekday.  

Actually this running before dawn thing has become quite a habit.  Our early autumn weather is mimicking late summer and it seems these 90 degree days are not likely to stop soon.  While I long for winter running where I could sleep in on a weekend day and manage a run after 10 am and the effort would warm me, I know those days are far off in the distance. 

For now, I’m enjoying the peace (if not the visual challenges) of running in the dark.  On the fortunate occasion that I get to run with a running buddy or when Greg meets me for my last mile, I get to create a dream like memory of my breaking dawn run that hovers in an unreal memory in my mind all day.  Most mornings as I run alone, I make up  elaborate spooky tales of  coyote clans and haunting stories to occupy my mind as this Halloween month advances.  Someday I hope to have the time to write down these fictional pieces that unwind in my mind as I pound out the miles on the pavement in the dark.  But for now, running in my new shoes is enough to keep me happy. 

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