Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weary Wednesday and Tired Thursday

Sitting down at the end of a day filled with picture day, a team meeting, another dream-like predawn run with my running buddy, Talia, and a myriad of teaching duties sprinkled throughout another eat-in/ play-in lunch due to the extreme heat, I felt so weary.  Only Wednesday but I’m ready for the weekend! Trying to listen to my body, I surrendered to an early bedtime.  But first here is the gluten-free menu we enjoyed…

Day 17
Breakfast: Recovery shake (kefir, milk, banana, unsweetened cocoa and honey…I’m out of homemade peanut butter, the weekend needs to come so I can make more!)
Lunch: Leftover eggplant
Dinner: Grilled wild salmon, stuffed potato, green beans, roasted corn and sautéed mushrooms

Dessert: Leftover cheesecake with fresh mango and whip cream

Thursday was another tiring day.  Though slightly cooler, we did not break 90 today, but almost.  Hopefully a restful weekend is all I need to restore my energy levels.  In the meantime, we kept gluten-free one more day.

Day 18

Breakfast: Recovery shake (milk, banana, unsweetened cocoa and honey…I’m out of homemade peanut butter and kefir now!)
Lunch: Leftover veggie stuffed potatoes
Dinner:  Poached eggs over polenta with Comte cheese, green olives and herbs

Dessert:  I imagine we’ll polish off the rest of the cheesecake later!  

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