Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scorching Sunday

It is damn hot here in So Cal right now.  We are going to have triple digits for the next several days, so no relief in sight.  No running this am, since I am still nursing my injuries from yesterday’s fall.  I woke up with a really sore neck, shoulder and right hip.  Funny I didn’t fall on those areas, but Greg explains it as whiplash.  When I hit the sidewalk with all of that acceleration, I must have hit with my right side first, which is why my right hand took the brunt of the gravel and the left only got minor scrapes.  Anyhow, a little Advil for the ache and a fresh wrapping of gauze for my hand and I was ready to face the day. 

Sunday is farmer’s market day, we made it down there by 10, but it was already a blazing 92 degrees.  We shopped quickly and retreated to the comfort of our air conditioned home.  Greg’s parents had come over for dinner last night and my mom was coming for lunch today.  On the menu, comfort food.  My mom has had this cold she can’t kick for nearly 2 weeks.  When we don’t feel good, we like to eat something that reminds us of our youth.  Auntie Kay’s cheese dip was the remedy today.  While the original recipe calls for Velveeta (I replaced this with real cheese), there are curative ingredients as well.  Chili peppers, garlic, onion; these are all good for a cold and tomatoes have vitamin C.  We served it with corn chips, so its also gluten free.  It was very tasty but the texture left something to be desired.  The cheese was at once gloppy and liquidy.  I’ll have to keep working on this one until I get it right. 

Here’s the breakdown of foods for today:

Day 14
Breakfast: Overnight oats with applesauce mixed in
Lunch: Veggie Cheese dip with chips
Dinner: Grilled portabella mushrooms with blue cheese, cabbage salad,  and potatoes with broccoli

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