Monday, September 22, 2014

Manic Monday

6 o’clock already… you know the tune.  Thrust into the non-stop world of elementary education and by the time I completed my teaching day and landed in the afternoon meeting that crept into the 5 ‘o clock hour, I began to get jumpy.  I was hungry and dinner needed to be soon but I had a very edgy feeling like I needed to move, immediately, I couldn’t wait for an am run in the morning.  Greg picked me up an we grabbed a few dinner supplies at the corner market, but as we headed home past the bank and its temperature display, Greg warned, “Its still in the 80s, you sure you want to run?”  For me it wasn’t a question, I had to run.  If I was going to focus my energy enough to cook a delicious meal, sit calmly by his side on the couch in the evening hours and go to bed at a decent time, I had to run.  All of that being said, I expected to tear it up, but Greg had been right about the heat. It was 86 degrees still at 6:20, by the time I changed and got out there.  Mile one was excruciatingly slow and sunny.  By mile two I was throwing of sweat like sparks, and still moving at a snails pace.  Mile three, my allergies kicked in and I was choking on some sort of weird phlegm, instead of enjoying the downhill. I had that yucky experience where you get so hot you stop sweating and kind of get the chills during the last 5 minutes of the run.  But then when I got home and drank a giant glass of ice water (that in turn gave me a stomach ache) I began to sweat coursing rivers.  Only after a very cool shower, from which I emerged shaky and exhausted, did I feel somewhere near my normal self.  Basically the only thing that did not suck about my evening run was that it would allow me to sleep in tomorrow morning.  I guess that made it worth it. 

Let’s move on to something more pleasant, today’s menu, it was a good one.

Day 22

Breakfast: GF bran flakes with organic berries and raw milk

Lunch: spring greens, roasted beets, yellow tomatoes, shaved pecorino cheese and apple cider vinaigrette (Made enough of this salad to last Greg and I for a few lunches this week.) and a leftover gluten free pumpkin muffin.

Dinner:  Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos with toasted corn tortillas cabbage salad, mango salsa, avocado and spicy sour cream 

Dessert: Chocolate chip Cheesecake

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