Saturday, September 20, 2014

A long run and a short walk

My long run this morning was bliss.  Ok, not all of it.  The first 3 miles were uphill and slow going, but it was overcast and in the 70s which was such a welcome relief from the triple digits this past week that I didn’t’ mind.  Once at the top of the Thompson Creek trail, it was all downhill.  Beautiful trees, the path full of smiling exercisers enjoying cooler air during the early morning; you could feel the love!  The 7 miles zoomed by and though I tried to stay present in the moment, I knew it would all be over too soon. 

Back at home, I took advantage of the cooler weather to…
A) Wear long pajama pants
B) Clean the house
C) Make a new batch of gluten free bran flakes
D) All of the Above

Correct, my friends, the answer is D!  After a light lunch Greg and I picked up my mom and drove to Oak Glen to buy apples and cider and to take a short walk in the Wilderness Conservancy Area.  It is so beautiful up there!  Back home for dinner, here is the food breakdown for the day.
Day 20
Breakfast: GF bran flakes with berries and milk
Lunch: Hummus, hardboiled eggs, rice crackers, smoked salmon and cheese
Dinner:  Grilled trout, steamed artichoke, rice with tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms

Dessert: Caramel apple

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