Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tropical Depression

Well it had to happen sometime.  Today is our departure date and I feel a tropical depression coming on (Not the meteorological event but emotional depression in relation to leaving the tropics.) 

This morning I squeezed in one last 3-mile run up lower H and it sped by, like I couldn’t slow myself down enough to take in all the details I’ve enjoyed about this stretch over the past month.  Something was nagging at my mind; I knew my bags and Greg were waiting back at the condo ready for the packing process to begin.  It amazes me that as comfortable as we were and as spread out and settled, as we seemed in our many rooms (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, and living space) all of our personal belongings fit in the same 4 bags we brought here 30 days ago (3 backpacks, 1 computer bag and the only addition is the ukulele in it’s shiny new case).  We did manage to sneak in an unexpected fish taco as we headed for the airport and turned in the rental car! 

Our flight was on time and with the help of two movies, it went by quickly. When we arrived home after midnight our cat, Nala (who has been under the care of a good friend and house sitter), gave us a cold icy stare as she sat in her perfect princess pose on the ottoman, as if to say, “You two are in very big trouble!”  Luckily Nala quickly forgave us for being away for so long and was purring at our feet five minutes later.  In an attempt to stave off the tropical depression I made this list on the plane of reasons I’ll be glad to get home. 


1. Sundays with my mom at the farmer’s market  (I miss the 3 pack of fresh berries too!)

2. Chatting with grandma after nap time (It was difficult to plan with the time difference)

3.  Cuddling with my kitty, Nala

4.  My garden (Not knowing what is growing) 

5.  The Cheese Cave and raw milk.  (We have had very little cheese here and what we had was not fantastic.  We haven’t even bothered to buy milk.  The coconut kefir has been providing for our probiotic needs but we miss our homemade cultures).

6.  Familiar runs.  (Don’t get me wrong; I have delighted in exploring our little stretch of West Maui by running it.  It is so beautiful, lush, and oceany.  But I won’t miss the humid sweats and the exhaustion that follows.  I love running with the roosters along seaside shores, but I miss my sagebrush and coyotes and the frigid gusts that blow off the field station at dawn, even during the summer.)

7. Kishi (During this trip we got an e-mail from the restaurant saying that Peter San is retiring and their will be new owners.  While we wish Peter all the best in his well deserved retirement, this is the end of an era for Greg and I.  We will attend a farewell party on August 24th and pray that the excellent sushi tradition continues as our long time friends move on!)

8. Air conditioning.  (Trade winds are great and all, but the effortless kiss of the AC can sometimes be a godsend.  We have had few insufferable days here but when the temps edged into 90s.  However with the few we did have, lying on the tile floor with a ceiling fan idly spinning above, offers little respite.)

9.  Saying goodbye to my brother as he moved out of Upland and into his new apartment.  (Would have loved to do that in person, but e-mail had to suffice. Hopefully I’ll get to visit him soon at his new place).

10.  Proximity (This refers to being close to all the friends and family that live near us.  We miss being able to meet them for lunch, share a smile and a hug).

Now that I feel better about what I’m coming home to, I have to admit it is still very hard to leave.  So even though I’m leaving the island in body, my mind will dwell in memory and I plan to post a few more reflections about our time there.  I have also left behind a bit of heart and soul in the promise that some day, we will return. 

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