Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stormy weather

The rooster blew away!  (Just kidding, we did hear a weak rather perturbed cry this morning, mostly drown out by the wind.) Speaking of wind, the whistling wind woke us up a little after midnight, we checked the news but the hurricane was still coming on to the big island.  So we went back to bed and managed to sleep until about 5:30 am when gusting winds woke us again.  Another check of the news and we tried to go back to sleep without much luck, it sounded like we were in a wind tunnel in our bedroom.  We decided to get up and make coffee and hot cereal while we still had electricity because their had been outage on other parts of the island.

Later in the morning the storm slowed, it seems to be stalled over the big island. So far we have had lots of wind, choppy seas, and bursts of rain here and there.  At nearly 8 am, no rain was falling, seas were calming, and the wind was less frequent.   The winds had significantly chilled out by late morning and it just looked like an overcast day.  We had some rain midday but not enough to keep kids out of the pool.  Had a high tide with the surf pounding the sea wall and occasionally spraying over, but it didn’t stop the honu from feeding on their rocks.  It was clear by midday we were experiencing a lull. So we walked around the neighborhood to survey the damage.  Other than puddles here and there and lots of fallen flowers, all is well.  Every business we passed was open, so we grabbed a sandwich for lunch.  We had a quiet afternoon, not wanting to stray too far from the safety of our condo, waiting for the official word that the storm had passed. 

In the late afternoon the news announced that the storm had splintered when it hit the big island, so rain and wind were possible but the tropical storm warning was cancelled!

We felt very lucky to get off so light, we didn’t even lose power of have need to break into our supplies.  Another storm is headed this way later in the week, but it seems to be taking a path away from the islands.  So we are thrilled to get back to relaxing in the beautiful weather. Being that our sleep was fairly compromised last night, I’m guessing we’ll have an early bedtime tonight.  We’ll sleep peacefully knowing the potentially dangerous storm has passed us by. 

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