Sunday, August 10, 2014


Well, we didn’t sleep too peacefully.  While our loud neighbors did move on to greener pastures, some louder neighbors arrived and decided to have a raging party until well past midnight.  While this seemed annoying in the moment, since I was trying to make up for lost sleep due to the storm, perhaps it was a lesson in tolerance and non-judgment.  I think I need those in life, because they keep cropping up. 

While I drowsily recall the rooster, it wasn’t until just before 6 that I awoke. Despite two nights of disrupted sleep, I had a plan for my long run day and it was in the spirit of inclusion.  Greg mentioned a desire to run today, which I would like to encourage but I know he is not quite up for the long run just yet.  So I decided to do the first 5k running north while he still slept, giving him a wake up call as I left the building and enjoyed my first 3 point something miles solo.  Stopping back at home to pick up Greg, gave me an excellent opportunity to drink water in small sips and sweat profusely.  With Greg in tow, we ran the 1.6something miles to the Ka’anapali Beach Park (No doubt this park has some cool name other than that which I must learn).  Upon reaching the park we drank more water and turned around and ran back.  For me about 6.5something miles total today, which broken into bits, feels mighty nice. 

Back at the condo, we were hungry!  We enjoyed hot cereal with bananas, macadamia nuts, and passion fruit slurry and organic Maui coffee.  The sea looked disagreeable but none-the-less we decide to snorkel, just north of the condo this time.  Indeed the sloshy sea gave me a rather seasick feeling and visibility was poor but we followed a stretch of sandy bottom out past the coral wall and saw some cool fish.  Greg swore a giant blue florescent something chased me on our way back in. We have decided that even if seas are rough, we have gained enough confidence to go swimming as often as we want in the ocean during our remaining days here (unless there is a hurricane, which there should not be, anymore!) 

So I decided I wanted to take the bus into Lahaina, to look for more flowy clothes but more-so because I was craving a trip outside of Honokowai, having been hurricaned in for the last few days.  Also, I saw the opportunity for Shave Ice.  Greg saw the opportunity for Aloha Mixed Plate.  We really do love this restaurant.  It is easy to access;  take the bus to the Cannery Mall, walk through the mall and emerge at the seaside.  Cross the street, and there you are.  I enjoyed the coconut prawns and the sweet and spicy dipping sauce, yet again.  Greg had to have the Lau Lau pork.  He decided his favorite part of Aloha’s version of this dish is that they have purple pieces of baked taro, such starchy goodness.  We both adore the leaf it is baked in, like spinach but smokier! It puts me in mind of something akin to a tea leaf, but grape-leafy as well.  This time we added a plate of Kim Chee, Takuan, Namasu and Sesame Bean Sprouts.  Quick pickles; is the closest thing I know of to compare this to.  Some of the vegetables were unidentifiable to me but I want to grow them! I will try to find seeds when I get home. One was like a golden beet, yet with the texture of a radish.  The bean sprouts tossed in sesame seed oil (thanks to poke) is a flavor we are growing to love.

Back on the bus, off at the next stop, and then walking to find Aloha Swimwear; lots of swimsuits and some clothing. I ended up choosing a sea green tank that knots at the back of the shoulders with a Plumeria design on it.  It was not that flowy and not a dress but a super comfy tank and it was on sale.  To get a piece of clothing for under $20 in Lahaina is noteworthy.  We enjoyed our second shave ice; vanilla ice cream base with lime, coconut and watermelon ice.  So refreshing!  Back on the bus, after a little chill time, we enjoyed some crab legs from the Fish Market, heated on the grill with a roasted garlic mash potato side of my creation and lovely sweet corn from the farmer’s market. 

Loud neighbors round two and Greg was feeling with still active day passes left for the bus, we trucked up to the Maui Brewing Co for a super fast Coco Porter, just in time to catch the last bus back to the condo.  A very eventful day and luckily the neighbors seem to have mellowed in our absence.  Hoping for a restful night or something! 

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