Sunday, August 17, 2014

Running out of time

“I don’t wanna run out, but I’m running running…”  more lyrics from the brilliant Merrill of Tune-Yards.  These were the words that resonated with me today on my long run.  “I know my days are numbered, I should enjoy the climb…but I’m running running out of time.”  Mixed emotions on my run today; sad that this would be the last long run I’ll do in Maui for a great while but glad that I have acclimated enough to make it to the Hyatt and back.  I had my water stops planned today; The Ka’anapali beach park we like to snorkel (I found out the name = Kahekili Beach Park), Whaler’s Village, and perhaps the beach park just passed the Hyatt and the cemetery, Hanakoa’a Beach. 

Before I even got to Hanakoa’a cemetery I found a refrigerated drinking fountain outside of Drums of the Pacific Polynesian Spectacular and there were plastic cups, my holy grail, because I could snag one and fill up at the free ice machine.  Cold water and the promise of ice to come...Score! 

So, I was well hydrated on my run and the sky stayed blessedly dim until the final mile, sun behind a thick layer of clouds.  Having run the full length of the West Maui Beachwalk, I can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful, visually distracting runs I’ve ever had the privilege to experience.  It will be a while until I can run it in it’s entirety again, but I know I will fantasize about it often on less decorative runs. 

8 miles is a long run for me, and I find myself needing to rest on long run days.  Coffee and pineapple bread gave me a little boost.  Then a little time by the pool, not much sun, we actually had some sprinkles today.  A nap or two assisted in restoring my energy for lunch and more afternoon pool time, watching paddle boarders go by, sailboats and honus popping up to breathe from time to time. 

We made one more venture on the bus, just down to Kahana.  We stopped in an awesome boutique called "She Runs With Wolves" and I found a couple of unique and memorable skirts to add to my back to school collection.  One last meal at Miso Phat where we are more at home, the owner, chef and waitress recognized us and were glad to have us back.  That is what I love about small family owned places; they make an effort to get to know you.  We decided to walk home and detoured through some fun little suburban neighborhoods and found a park with 3 different types of plumeria trees.  There are some beautiful little unexplored nooks and crannies in Honokowai. Even with a month of walking or running everyday; there are still little hidden treasures to discover. 

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