Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Greg had a nice visit last night with Howard and enjoyed listening to music and visiting with folks up country.  We slept in a bit this morning and then tried the snorkeling in front of the condo, it was still wavy but we did see a few fish on the churny sandy bottom and Greg spotted another eel.  We decided to head inside and grab the boogie board and had tons of fun riding the waves.  We took turns dog paddling and riding the board, except toward the end of our outing where we tried to share the board and ride a few waves together.  I felt like a kid again!

Other than this little bit of exercise in the water, no running, no yoga, no walks around the neighborhood?  No…I am feeling the effects of my aerial class from yesterday big time.  My biceps and shoulders are pretty tender thanks to all the upper body work and places where my legs were bound in the silks feel a little bruised and sore, but my abs are by far the worst. I feel like I’ve been in a street fight and taken like a million gut shots.  I groan whenever I stand up, so I’ve been aiming for as many seated or reclining activities today as possible; laying in the sun by the pool, napping, and I even picked some Plumerias from the tree in front of our bedroom so that I could sit and make a lei. (Hotel style sewing kit with needle and thread made this a super easy and completely free activity!)

Housekeeping was calling us this afternoon, we needed to straighten up a bit and do some laundry.  It is amazing the amount of sand that accumulates on the floor, even with rinsing off out the outdoor shower before coming in from the ocean!  We spent the evening enjoying our space.  A sunset colored in pinks and golds thanks to some low clouds floating off of Molokai made the perfect backdrop for a pasta dinner with sautéed farmer’s market mushrooms and a rustic red sauce.  (We’ve finally started to tap into our storm supplies; Greg happily ate spaghetti-Os for lunch while I finished off the surfing goat cheese and handmade hummus from the farmer’s market with some gluten free crackers.)  Tonight I’m enjoying the cool breeze off the ocean as I wear the lei I made earlier today; and my evening is perfumed with relaxation. 

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