Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gnarly Waves!

Today started with a three mile run up lower H.  I’m gonna miss smiling and waving at the friendly kiddos while they wait for their school bus.  Greg jogged up to meet me for the last mile.  When we got home we were considering snorkeling but there were giant waves beating against the seawall, it seemed even body surfing was out of the question, we would be pounded to smithereens!  The turtles have moved out a bit but you can see them turning summersaults in the waves further out.  The forecast shows no storm activity on the horizon, so our only guess as to the waves was perhaps they were in response to the full moon last night! 

After visiting the farmer’s market, we opted for pool time today and an afternoon nap. Based on a recommendation from Greg’s surf instructor Billy, we returned to the fish market to try their seared ahi sandwich with coleslaw, caramelized onions, and wasabi aioli.  Billy was right; it was amazing! 

Still no ocean time this afternoon.  The surf is crazy!  Greg says when it's too choppy or windy for snorkeling and surfing, what do you do?  Go sailing!  We were able to admire many beautiful sailboats from the shore.  (If anyone has a boat and wants to take us out in the next week, please leave us a message!) 

This evening we traveled back to Lahaina to see Howard Ahia play at LuLu’s again.  Howard was playing solo tonight.  He invited Greg to play during his break and Howard and I had a chance to chat while Greg played.  It turns out Howard’s wife teaches at the high school. Funny, two musician friends with two teacher wives!  Greg and I had to catch the last bus home, so we said our goodbyes and successfully caught our bus and the transfer, getting off at the right stop!  Hey, we are getting better at this, just in time for our final week on the island!  We'll be going to sleep tonight to the sound of the pounding waves. Doubt we'll be able to hear the neighbors chatting over the churning ocean.  Hopefully the rooster won't be drown out in the morning as well.  

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