Thursday, August 7, 2014

Don't get nervous now

A few drops of rain have fallen so far this morning, but the sun continues to shine as the condo staff takes in all of the pool deck furniture and Willie, our maintenance manager, and his crew sand-bag the beach entry ways at the sea wall.  A few guests are happily swimming in the pool, taking in the sun and fun as long as it's available.  As we finish our morning coffee, we are contemplating going out for another walk, in anticipation of being cooped up for a few hours to days.  It's difficult to imagine that these massive storms are bearing down on this tiny chain of islands while the skies remain blue and the air warm and calm.  Could it be the proverbial calm before the storm?

(Taken at noon on August 7, 2014)

Here are a few satellite photos we found online that show what is coming our way.  As you can see in the first pic, the Hawaiian islands seem to be surrounded by swirling storm systems.  They look pretty frightening, but we keep hearing that the strength of the closest storm, Iselle (to the right of the islands in the photo), has been weakening as she approaches the shores of Hilo on the Big Island, and will push off to the south of the rest of the islands as she moves through the state and past us.  We are bracing for some heavy winds and rain, but nothing like the direct hit of hurricane force.  The second storm, Julio, is predicted to move past the islands to the north around Sunday and Monday with similar strength to Iselle, categorized as a tropical storm by the time we experience it.  As long as our power stays on, we will continue to update the blog.  No need to worry.  We seem to be in good hands with our local friends here at the Kulakane and surrounding neighborhood.  

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